Information video about the Ellipis conference.

White Women and the Buffer Zone: Enforcing or Fighting White Supremacy?

A pre-conference institute for women and femmes who identify as white.


Wednesday, March 25

9am - 4pm

Situated between white men and people of color in the race and gender hierarchy, the focus of this institute is on how white women’s position influences our assumptions and resulting actions with ourselves and others. We’ll explore how we internalize beliefs about our own inferiority due to sexism, as well as look at how white women develop patterns of behavior to get ahead despite barriers in a patriarchal society. At the same time, we internalize our racial (and other forms of) superiority and many of these same assumptions and behaviors have been used to sabotage People of Color. This interactive day will invite White women to reflect on personal experiences and increase knowledge of what it means to exist in the buffer zone at the intersection of sexism and White privilege. As we progress in our self-awareness and knowledge of institutional White supremacy, we will strive to learn from our past mistakes and illuminate creative, liberating ways of being in partnerships across hierarchical divides.

Temporary Spaces of Joy and Freedom

An Opening Reception

Wednesday, March 25

5pm - 7pm

Join us at the Toby Devan Lewis Gallery and Interior Stair @ moCa. Celebrate liberation with us by gathering, engaging with art and taking up space! All are welcome!

“If They Come In The Morning…”

Main Conference 

Thursday, March 26

9am - 4pm

Morning Plenary: Women of Color on the Front Lines 

Join us for a deep dive on women of color activists and how we are mobilizing our communities in today’s sociopolitical context.  


Intergenerational Mentoring Luncheon: Freedom Dreaming

Freedom dreaming is imagining worlds that are just, representing people’s full humanity, centering people left of the edges, thriving in solidarity with folkx from different identities who have struggled together for justice, and knowing that dreams are just around the corner with the might of people power.


Closing Plenary: In The Zone

Join us for this interactive dialogue session as we engage in deep dialogue centering intersections of race, class, gender identity/expression and sexual orientation and how we interrogate our hidden the zone.