About Us

Who identifies as a Woman of Color?

  • Culture Appropriation

  • Economic Disenfranchisement

  • Genocide

  • Loss of Autonomy

  • Militarism, Targets of War & Police States 

  • Physical Displacement (Eminent Domain, Gentrification)

  • Race, Class, Gender-Based Oppression and all Intersections

  • Stolen Legacy 

The political term woman of color surfaced in the violence against women movement in the late 70s to unify all women experiencing multiple layers of marginalization with race and ethnicity as a common issue. In today’s sociopolitical context, we use the term to intentionally transcend social constructs and to unite, by relationship, those women with the following shared global experiences:  

The Women of Color series is an initiative of Sankofa Circle International, a non-profit that helps build capacity for creative entrepreneurs. Sponsored by the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women at Case Western Reserve University, Ellipsis is for all members of the CWRU greater northeast Ohio higher education community (student, staff, and faculty), independent of gender, who are interested in advocating for intersectional feminism and equity for all women, women and femmes.

In 2019, Ellipsis was awarded the Diversity Collaboration Award through the Office for Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity at CWRU.  


Now in its third year, the Ellipsis unapologetically centers the most marginalized population in its work: Black Womxn. By centering the most marginalized, we are able to include all intersections of those who identify as women and femmes in our fight for gender justice.