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Who identifies as Womxn of Color?


The political term 'woman of color' surfaced in the violence against women movement in the late 1970's to unify all women experiencing multiple layers of marginalization with race and ethnicity as a common issue. In today’s sociopolitical context, The use of womxn is inclusive of those who identify as cisgender, gender queer,  gender-non conforming, transgender and/or femme - people who may use she/her pronouns.  Womxn is often used by those who identify as part of the intersectional feminist movement and written with the ‘x’ to be intentially subversive to the eurocentric and patriarchal dominant narrative and to intentionally transcend social constructs and to unite, by relationship, those womxn with the following shared global experiences:  

  • Culture Appropriation

  • Economic Disenfranchisement

  • Genocide

  • Loss of Autonomy

  • Militarism, Targets of War & Police States 

  • Physical Displacement (Eminent Domain, Gentrification)

  • Race, Class, Gender-Based Oppression and all Intersections

  • Stolen Legacy 

By establishing intersectionality as a core feminist practice, the Ellipsis Institute for Womxn of Color in the Academy intentionally creates space for women of color students, staff and faculty as we build relationship across lines of difference in a unified pursuit of advocacy efforts for all women, in all roles.In plenaries and break out sessions, participants receive tools and resources to successfully produce advocacy actions on campus. The Ellipsis Institute provides connections and relationships that build a support network, help navigate barriers to access and inspires co-conspirators in your journey towards gender equity. 

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