Lunch & Learn:  #NotAllKarens:  The Durability of White Womanhood

The stories of Hannah Ocuish, George Stinney, Emmett Till, and the Central Park 5 are woven into the fabric of the United States. Historically,  conversations of state violence generally center the Black men and boys who are victimized. Today, the dominant narrative of state violence has shifted to include the role of white women, particularly since the 2017 confesssion by Carolyn Bryant as an instigator of the murder of Emmett Till.  In the current movement for Black lives, popular culture has donned these white women with the title of “Karen” in an attempt to acknowledge the role white women like Bryant play as an accomplice to state-sanctioned violence. This Lunch and Learn identifies how #Karens and other white women weaponize their white-womanness. The session uses the experiences of white women, non-black femmes, and folks who benefit from white privilege to discuss how they can prevent (and not catalyze) violence against Black and Brown people.   Join us as we unpack the sociopolitical histories of the role of Missy Ann, #Karen, #Becky, the durability of white womanhood, and ways to further #ProtectBlackLives. 


Erin K. Phelps, #Ellipsis2020 Campus Co-Chair ​

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Pierce College 

Doctoral Candidate, Case Western Reserve University 

Yoga Instructor, 200 Hour RYT 

Shaunte Rouse, MA 

Doctoral Student, Higher Education Administration 

Enrollment Advisor, Kent State University 

Lunch & Learn:  A Change of Heart & Mind 

This discussion highlights individuals who have recently become involved in the fight against racial injustice through active external actions or effective internal change. Focusing on individuals whose first time protesting or marching was in response to the recent cases of police brutality and misuse of power, we will also dive into discussions around silence and what it means to be silent in times where racial injustice is visible and embedded within our institutions.


Zaria Davis (She/Her)

Undergraduate Studnet 

Fisk Univesity 

LaShundra McCook (She/Her)

Teacher Coach

Philadelphia City Schools


Tre Wentling, PhD (He/HIm) 

Assistant Professor

Gender and Sexualities Studies Certificate Coordinator

Women and Ethnic Studies Program 

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs  


Kate Klonowski, MEd, MJE (She/Her)

Coordinator, Provost Scholars Program 

Staff Advisory Council Representative, University Administration 

Case Western Reserve University


Dr. Heather E. Burton, PhD (She/Her)

Chair, Board of Directors, Ellipsis Institue for Womxn of Color in the Academy 

Interim Co-Director, African and African American Studies Minor 

Senior Director for Faculty and Institutional Diversity, Office for Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity 

Adjunct Faculty, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences 

Case Western Reserve University