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Justice for

Breonna Taylor

The Ellipsis Institute for Womxn of Color in the Academy demands justice for the murder of our sister,

Breonna Taylor.  


On March 13, 2020, Breonna was murdered in her own home, while sleeping, by members of the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department.  We learned moments ago none of the officers who fired multiple rounds into Breonna's apartment will be indited for her murder. 

While we are not surprised, our hearts remain broken.  As womxn of color in the academy, we intrinsically understand the complexities of our existence in systems and institutions never designed for us to enter, let alone for us to survive.  In addition, we know it is our duty to fight for our freedom. That fight remains on the front lines with our co-conspirators and the strength of our ancestors.

We stand in solidarity with others who seek justice in the fight for Black Lives.  From this moment, we re-commit to the long-term work of liberation for our people, which begins with the freedom and the liberty of knowing who we are.   We pledge to continue the fight for justice from the stronghold of state violence until all of us are free!

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