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In Nigeria, people are crying out for justice against the BRUTAL reign of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). The lack of training, lack of accountability and abuse of power has subjected Nigeria’s people to horrifying abuse FOR DECADES; numerous unjustified deaths and torture. The abuse and enslavement of women and children along with the blatant disregard of their human rights, have led them to cry out for justice and demand an end to this bloodshed and corruption. A report by Amnesty International in June documented at least 82 cases of torture, ill-treatment and extra-judicial execution by SARS between January 2017 and May 2020.Nearly half Nigeria's of the population are children and young adults under 30. These are the people taking to the streets and crying out to #EndSARS.  According to the BBC, these are people who have “never experienced steady electricity in their lifetime, did not enjoy free education in the country and had their years at university punctuated and elongated by lecturers going on strike.” The frustration with the police is a reflection of the frustration with the State.

The Ellipsis Institute for Womxn of Color in the Academy fully supports the #EndSARS movement. We stand in solidarity with the womxn, girls and femmes who are currently experiencing state violence in Nigeria, the African continent and throughout the diaspora.  Since the beginning of the global pandemic, the reported number of rape and sexual assault cases has increased over 50%, constraining the Liberian government to declare this issue a national emergency. Child trafficking remains to be a major issue in both Ghana and the Ivory Coast as the number of children sold into slavery and/or prostitution grows steadily.


We raise our voices in solidarity; we rally against oppressors with you.   We will use our voice and our platforms to demand change. Through programs and administration, the Ellipsis Institute pledges to co-conspire to fight with you to #EndSARSNow.  

"We have a duty to fight for our freedom...we must love and support one another...we have nothing to lose but our chains."- Assata Shakur 

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